Okay – Let’s Get Things Rolling

We decided to give you a much longer lead in to organise your events for Black History Month.

Now in the third year of BHMGM we hope that embracing events with either historical and or educational context over the month of October is now an automatic part of your programming.

The need to promote cultural harmony has never been more important in contemporary lives than it is now.  For that NBAA is proud it has always stood by a definition of Black that embraces African, Asian and Caribbean culture in order to share artistic creativity and life skills with everyone.

Because of the important contribution that diverse communities bring to our social and creative lives, AIUET have committed funds towards the basic costs of BHMGM

So here is what we need to know

  1. Have you got events that would benefit from inclusion on the BHMGM website?
  2. Are you able to make a monetary contribution towards an A5 printed brochure?

Remember printed marketing is vital for audiences who are not computer savvy or on any social media platform.

  1. Are you able to offer any complimentary tickets for competitions as another marketing tool?

BHMGM is aware that artists have limited funds so we offer a listing on the website. This also applies to community groups with an annual income below £5000.

Let’s make this happen

  • To realise the brochure, events need to be registered before August 21st
  • Late events can be registered for the web only up to September 30th
  • The registration form layout ensures all events are recorded in the same format
  • Logos are not required if you are a previous BHMGM co-host

This is a win-win invitation.

  • BHMGM helps bring a wider social representation to your venue.
  • Expands your marketing of Black themed shows, exhibitions and events that might not always attract large audiences during your programming year.
  • Everybody can learn something new

The hugely popular BHMGM launch Tuesday 26 September 7pm

Once again BHMGM is being supported by the Dean of Manchester Cathedral by not implementing the £3500 hire charge.

Fly the flag by using the BHMGM logo as part of your own publicity


I look forward to hearing from you

SuAndi        @BlackhistoryGm